Transmission & Distribution equipment trends in Energy Transition: And how this could matter for your future professional life

IEEE PES Slovenia and CIGRE-CIRED Slovenia invited Nenad Uzelac from USA to give a lecture on his experience in the power equipment industry. Nenad has 20 years of experience as a direct contributer and a leader in Medium Voltage Power industry, with focus on the switchgear design and development.  

The lecture was held in-person on Monday November 15th 2022 at 13:15 at the faculty of electrical engineering. The event was attended by 40 interested students, professionals and enthusiasts from the energy field.


Nenad’s lively lecture started with a description of the main trends (new materials, approaches, concepts) in designing and operating components (voltage transformers, switches, etc.) at the transmission and distribution levels of the power grid. He then touched upon the different profile needs in the industry (ranging from simulation engineers to arc physicists), especially considering the systemic transformation that the power sector has been and will be experiencing. Lastly, he emphasised the importance of social skills ranging from communication and empathy to self-motivation and knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses. He concluded that when designing new products, advancing innovations and cooperating with colleagues, the so-called soft skills can be just as important as technical knowledge. 


We very much appreciate Nenad coming here and sharing his experience. Stay tuned for more interesting lectures we’ll organise for students and professionals!